Latest Placemarks from Google Maps World Gazetteer Latest Placemarks FROM Google Maps world gazetteer All placemarks are displayed on the interactive map, sorted according to geographical location and category. Placemarks are added to our unique regional catalog by registered users. FREE map images available. en Fri, 17 Mar 2006 15:30:01 GMT 88 31 my home, 14 Mar 2006 20:35:49 GMTLocated at Abiramam in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India.buildingsmelakodumalur, 14 Mar 2006 20:34:25 GMTLocated at Abiramam in Ramanathapuram, Tamil Nadu, India.buildingsThe Great Mosque of Sumenep, 13 Mar 2006 12:18:21 GMTIt is where the great mosque of Sumenep lies. It is a mosque from long centuries ago, and it has chinese architectural since the architect was a chinese. For some pictures of this mosque, you can find in my site. Located at Sumenep in Sumenep, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.buildingsIritty bridge, 13 Mar 2006 06:49:09 GMTLocated at Iritti in Kannur (Cannanore), Kerala, India.bridgesKampala!, 12 Mar 2006 14:18:30 GMTI have only been to this stunning, breathtaking place for only short whiles; some times for a month or so - but, I can never forget Kampala! If only Uganda can be peaceful!. Located at Kampala in Kampala City Council, Kampala, Uganda.airportsLaguna Collasgon, 05 Mar 2006 05:42:24 GMTCurgos Perú. Rodeada por un hermoso panorama paisajístico, es el habitat de una gran variedad de patos silvestres y otras aves debido a que esta circundada por extensos pantanos. La laguna Collasgón esta muy cerca de Huamachuco en el trayecto a Curgos. Es uno de los potenciales atractivos turísticos. Para ver más lugares turísticos copie la siguiente dirección: Located at Curgos in Sanchez Carrion, La Libertad, Peru.spasMirpur Cricket Ground, 02 Mar 2006 21:59:37 GMTLocated at Mirpur in Gujarat, Punjab, stadiumsMy Home in Al Mukalla, 22 Feb 2006 18:38:09 GMTThe Sea, Mountains and Valleys. Located at Al Mukalla in Hadramawt, Former South Yemen, Yemen.airportsMikavica, 18 Feb 2006 11:23:45 GMTLocated at Zirje in Sibenik, Croatia.harbourappleby castle, 04 Feb 2006 11:59:40 GMTLocated at Appleby in Cumbria County, North, England, United Kingdom.castles